academic seminars...

     Freshman Seminars

This seminar is designed to assist incoming freshman with the high school process.  Freshman year is a huge transition for our students.  Unlike middle school, high school requires significant planning, preparation, and organization.  Furthermore, while middle school may not have required as much effort, in terms of studying, high school classes are more rigorous.  This seminar is designed to help students learn how to navigate high school and how to perform their very best.  It is scheduled to take place in the middle of August.

     Sophomore Seminars

This seminar is to assist sophomores with planning their standardized test preparation schedule.  We review each of the different standardized tests.  We also talk about how and when to prepare for standardized testing.  We discuss how the standardized tests are related to the college admissions process.  

     Junior Seminars

This seminar is to assist juniors with planning the upcoming year.  Junior year is probably one of the most challenging times for our students.  We discuss standardized test scheduling including PSAT, SAT, and ACT dates during the second semester of junior year.  We also begin the discussion on the college prep process.  Areas to be covered include classes, transcripts, standardized tests, resumes, essays, and recommendations.  This seminar is scheduled for February. 

     Summer Advancement Groups

Our summer advancement groups began four years ago.  We began working with a few students on Spanish II preparation for high school.  Based on their performance in high school, we realized that summer preview courses are extremely beneficial for our high school students.  Since then, we have worked with students on several math and science courses.  These students consistently perform at a level much higher than the average student.  These group sessions are generally four weeks in length.  They will be arranged according to student needs.

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