meet the owner...

      Founder and owner of DFW Tutors, Nina Verma graduated from University of Pennsylvania with degrees in both Biological Basis of Behavior (neuroscience) and English. After graduating, she worked in Washington D.C., where she also continued to pursue her passion for tutoring children. Thereafter, Nina attended Columbia University in New York to obtain her graduate degree in health management. 

     Upon completing her studies, Nina moved to Plano, Texas with her husband. She continued working in her field, while also spending additional time tutoring.  By the end of 2006, Nina realized that individualized tutoring services were greatly needed in the area she lived.  Soon after, she created DFW Tutors in order to ensure that children receive the supplementary education they require. 

    Obtaining degrees from distinguished universities, Nina appreciates the value of education.  She is extremely dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance so that her students achieve their academic goals. After experiencing the tutoring quality at the branded centers first hand, Nina felt that students would benefit more from an individualized plan, rather than a predetermined curriculum. Thus began DFW Tutors.

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