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SAT Classes

We offer a specialized program for teaching students to improve their scores on the SAT.  This program begins with an initial diagnostic test followed by small group sessions.  Our student teacher ratio is never more than 6 to 1.  For these classes, we teach concepts, explain methods, and review test-taking strategies. Homework is assigned every day and we quiz students frequently in math and grammar. Further, we spend a significant portion of our class on practice sections so that students may improve their abilities and gain confidence. After 36 hours of instruction, we provide a second diagnostic test.  Once we obtain the results from the test, we analyze the results and meet with students during review sessions to strengthen specific areas that need improvement. Our summer classes are intended to prepare students for the upcoming test dates:


August 2018

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018


We also offer individualized sessions for SAT prep. Please call or e-mail to inquire further. 

ACT Workshops

ACT Prep workshops take place prior to the Spring test dates (in order to ensure that students have gained further knowledge of Algebra II) . These three-hour long workshops take place on Sundays during the Spring semester for a period of six weeks.  The four different areas of emphasis are English (grammar), Math, Reading, and Science.   For English, our goal is to review grammar and focus on practice.  For math, we concentrate on specific topics each week and require students to take formula quizzes frequently.  For Reading, we review the four different types of passages.  We spend time going over tips on how to find answers rapidly, given the pace of the test.  Finally, for Science, we explain the differences in the three types of passages and spend time going over specific questions related to each during the course. Overall, this class emphasizes classwork, pacing, and strategy acquisition.  Since students have seen the bulk of the content in school classes, this is a chance to review, refresh, and improve upon their skill sets. We assign about 1.5 hours of homework each week.  Students should be prepared to have some additional homework each week. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us. 


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